Hi, I’m Sarah.

If I’m being honest, I kind of hate that we’ve found ourselves on this blog together.

I thought at 36 I’d maybe try dating again. I bought a bucket trip plane ticket to Amsterdam on a whim that nobody really knew about. I was going to lead a team to El Salvador. I was going to see my favorite band on their fall concert tour. I had just told my hairstylist I was going to grow my hair out longer. I was starting to train for the St. Jude 1/2 Marathon in Memphis.

…but instead I am going to write a life chapter on battling invasive mammary carcinoma, ductal in-situ high grade (read as: breast cancer).

As someone who loves to string words together, this blog will help me capture the journey. I hope it will also serve as a place where you can stay up to date.* Subscribe for automatic notifications of updates or swing by occasionally to see what’s up.

It may get raw, and there’s going to be a decent amount of boob talk. Be ready for vulnerability and no holding back.

With that, thanks for being here. Seriously. There’s beauty in not journeying alone.

*I cannot promise a certain frequency of updates. My main priority is fighting this fight. I’ll do my best, but thanks in advance for understanding the potential sporadic nature of hearing from me.

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