Pies for Purpose is back!

In 2020 I wanted to do something rooted in giving back for my birthday, and ultimately the concept of Pies for Purpose was born. The idea was simple — people made a minimum donation to a nonprofit they loved, and in turn they were able to order a homemade pie. From there a dear group of friends and myself spent an entire day baking the pies, and the following day (my birthday) I delivered them. It.was.awesome!

…and then a short eight months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to active treatment we were unable to do Pies for Purpose in 2021 but people kept asking about it. So here we are — back by popular demand — kicking off another round of Pies for Purpose (and I am so, so grateful)! Our bake day will again be my birthday week, and it will also be one year since I finished my radiation treatments. Both worth celebrating, no doubt!

So if you are here because you loved the pie you received in 2020, thanks for supporting this effort again! For those of you who are new, thanks for being here to support! These pies go fast, so please do not wait to donate + sign up for a pie. Make sure there are still pies available before you donate, because when the sign up slots are full they are full.

Here’s all the things you need to know:

When is bake day? Friday, November 18th

Will you deliver pies again this year? As a way to say thank you, yes, pies will be delivered again; however, we are only able to provide pies this year if you live in the Bloomington-Normal* area. Delivery date will be Saturday, November 19th. Times for delivery will vary (though will likely be in the morning), so please know the pie will simply be left on your doorstep so keep a lookout!

*if you are outside of BN but in a close community, we can try to make alternate arrangements but you’ll need to come to BN for pickup

What types of pie are available? Apple, pumpkin and a new option — pecan!

Tell me about the gorgeous crust! Ah, yes, the very detail which makes these pies so amazing. My friend Christina is incredible and does all the crust design from scratch (though we’ll help her, I promise). Because the crust work is so intricate and takes a lot of time, please know the design you receive may vary (but it will no doubt be lovely and made with love). Not a crust fan? No problem! You can note on the sign up you prefer light crust.

What is the minimum donation amount this year? Honestly, we went back and forth on this detail. After a little conversation we landed on $38. I will be turning 38 the week we bake these pies, so it just felt right. At the end of the day it really is all about support for the non-profit — 100% of donations goes to them!

Which non-profits can be donated to this year in turn for a pie? Another detail we went back and forth on! Since we were unable to do this last year due to my breast cancer treatments there was a strong nudge to focus on a non-profit in that space. So after much thought we decided all donations this year will be directed to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is the top rated charity focusing on breast cancer, and they are doing the most important work — research!

We recognize not everyone has fought through breast cancer, but we are guessing you know someone who has (and if not, sadly, some time you probably will). BCRF is working towards women not having to hear they have breast cancer, and if some day they do BCRF is doing research to ensure treatment is available to feasibly allow many year of life beyond diagnosis. We appreciate you understanding how important this focus is for us this year!

Can I make a donation to BCRF even if I do not want a pie? Goodness, yes! 100%! Absolutely! Thank you for even considering, truly. Use the donation link below and simply do not hop over to the pie sign up. Appreciate your generosity!

Enough already (ha!) — how do we donate and/or sign up for a pie?!

  1. Click on this pie sign up link to ensure there are still pies left to snag! Once you have done so, make your $38 (or more!) donation and then sign up for a pie.
  2. Not wanting a pie (or maybe you did but they are all gone in which case we are very sorry!) but would like to make a donation to support our love of Breast Cancer Research Foundation? Click here!

To be able to do Pies for Purpose again…
To be celebrating another birthday…
To have your support…

I am forever deeply, deeply thankful!

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